Background Vocals on Seeds of Love:

2nd Chapter of Acts, Jamie Owens Collins,
Love Song, Terry Clark, Darrell Mansfield,
Randy Stonehill, Mathew Ward, Randy Matthews, John Fisher, Chuck Girard,
Paul Clark, Honeytree, Annie Herring, Andrae Crouch and Melody Green

Duet on “Promises”: Barry McGuire and
Jamie Owens-Collins


A collection of songs that sum up Barry's life and featuring many of the legends of the Jesus Movemnet and early CCM days.




 What Can I Give to the King
 Stray Dog
 Sailor Song
 I Got Time
 Not My Will
 Out of L. A.
 This Could Be the Day
 Final Day
 Bonus Tracks
 Seeds of Love
 Cosmic Cowboy
 God Like the Wind