Eve 2012


1. Acoustic Eve
Just Barry and guitar
2. Eve 2012
a special recording with an International children's choir
3. Eve of Destruction 65
the original one take recording
4. Eve of Destruction
with the original members of the New Christy Minstrels
(rare recording)
5. Eve of Destruction 65
(Never before released recording with Roger McGuin, Mick Fleetwood and Todd Smallwood)
6. Eve of Destruction
live recording with John York from the Byrds
7. Eve 2012 Video Edit
The video edit as seen on You Tube
(Recorded June 2010 - Never before released)

 Acoustic Eve
 Eve 2012
 Eve of Destruction 65
  Eve with Minstrels
 Eve with McGuin
Eve with John York
 Eve 2012 - video edit




EVE 2012 EP

Seven diffrent recordings from Barry some never released before

Includes Eve the classic Byrds intro version recorded in 09 never before released..