A Christmas Celebration
(A Christmas Celebration but not what you'd expect)

Not what you'd expect from a Christmas CD! The songs are not typical Christmas songs, and the performers bring a new spin to the joy of Christmas.




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In light of what is taking place in the world today, this recording reminds us of what Christmas is about: faith in the Child of Peace, renewed hope for our lives, and a positive message to a world being swamped by extremists and terror.

Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot emphasize the Good News message: "It's ok, I am in control, I am the one who will bring peace to your land and to you as an individual."

The music and the message are shared with that 'McGuire' essence and humor that are uniquely Barry's. Keystone Magazine December 2015




Remastered December 2015 from the original recording on Christmas Eve 1998.

One of Barry's best ever recorded concerts.

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  Star of Wonder
  Drummer Boy
  There is a Time
  Galaxy Song
  Mary Did You Know
 Give to the King
 Frost and Fire
  One of Us